Moving to Amazon Vancouver from Singapore

Works Applications dracaryss
Jul 17 13 Comments

I recently received an offer from Amazon Vancouver for SDE II . I am having difficulties deciding if it's worthwhile to make a move from my current position in Singapore.

YOE: 3
Current TC: 100k SGD ( Singapore has about 7% tax)
Offer (in CAD) : 131k base , 28k + 25k bonus , 51 RSU ( Taxes in Vancouver are about 30%)

Could someone who has worked/visited Canada and Singapore share their views?

The current offer seems ok to me compared to other Vancouver salaries but quite low compared to those offered in Seattle. Also , how much room do I have for negotiation here ?


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  • F5 Networks dontalk2me
    I won’t suggest Seattle or US. You make more money but social structure is completely broken. Canada is way better if you’ve family and looking for long term stay
    Jul 17 2
    • Amazon / Eng bLif00
      What do you mean? How is Canada any different from the US.
      Jul 17
    • F5 Networks dontalk2me
      For starters, there is no trump and his hate filled followers, much more liberal and socialist country. Free health care and education and much better and inclusive social fabric. Here in US, it’s just good paying tech jobs but everything else is shit.
      Jul 17
  • Facebook Urhbrbru
    Tier 1 companies pay more in Singapore.
    Jul 25 3
    • Visa / Eng Jdmfe
      Actually it is not true. I guess you are lucky to get the higher end number. I would say the conversion from Canada salary to Sgp salary is almost 1 to 1. Canada is actually a bit higher.

      Also depends on where you are coming from. If you are coming from Bay Area to Singapore, you have a good chance to negotiate 20 percent more.
      Jul 25
    • Facebook Urhbrbru
      I mean after tax.
      Jul 26
    • Works Applications dracaryss
      Not many tier 1 companies with good tech teams here
      Jul 30
  • Amazon q77uu9
    Your base is higher than me and I’m an SDE II in Vancouver.
    Jul 17 1
    • New xhgq74
      What's your base?
      I am planning to move to Vancouver as an SDE2 as well and wanted to know what Amazon's base and TC is for SDE2 in Canada
      Jul 18
  • Microsoft tvvt
    You can make double in Seattle. Do you have an option to move to Seattle? I mean, it all depends on your available options.
    Jul 17 1
    • Works Applications dracaryss
      I asked the recruiter to be offered a position in Seattle but was declined as I don't have US work authorization currently. Moving to Seattle after getting L1 is a possibility but not a guarantee
      Jul 17
  • Sea hsss
    Hi there, what is your decision?
    Dec 6 0
  • Amazon kloppen
    Work in Canada for a year and then move to Seattle .You will them start making serious $$$
    Canada sucks for TC-use it as a stepping stone to the US.
    Jul 17 0


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