Msft to Amazon, worth it?

Microsoft sssssail
Aug 24 21 Comments

3 yoe at Msft, joined after college
top performer 3 years across

still, still, low compensation, well below market price

decided to vote with my feet. prepared interview and got Amazon offer, Uber onsite gets canceled die to hiring freeze, FB and Google Seattle do not have SDE2 openings as of now

shall i just go for amazon for more tc? offer is L5 around 240k package, still higher than what msft is paying

or shall i reject it and wait for other companies to have openings? not sure how job market will go

please give advice.


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  • Oracle / R&D TLead
    Current TC? That says it. If it is more than 50k from your current TC then make the move and jump the ship after few years.

    Which team at Amazon? You are not giving us data and expecting us to provide suggestion?
    Aug 24 14
    • Microsoft KvzJ87
      TLead, I am not judging you because you work at Oracle. I am judging you because you are a fake piece of shit. I have seen your other posts at blind and happen to know you are filled with bullshit. Hence the judgement.
      Aug 24
    • Oracle / R&D TLead
      Lol my other piece of posts. I don’t fake salaries like you. I have posted my TC well and have also posted my offer details I have received. If you can’t take it, go read my other posts. I have 2.75 YoE and now received 265k TC from Amazon. So if you can’t put a decent explanation then you are just a fake piece of shit. I do know that OP could ask for a better pay at Amazon cause he has 3 YoE.
      Aug 24
    • Microsoft KvzJ87
      Which year did you attend “Stanford” ?
      Aug 24
    • Amazon sinter
      tlead you deserve amazon, you will fit right in. have fun.
      Aug 24
    • Facebook Fucerbergg
      Don’t listen to oracle. He’s desperately trying to get out of the shithole company he works for
      Aug 25
  • Microsoft
    shenierb d


    Google, Amazon, Facebook
    shenierb dmore
    Go to Amazon. I’m doing the same
    Aug 24 2
    • Microsoft sssssail
      U got offer as well?
      Aug 24
    • New nrmlguy
      Generally you can only go once receiving an offer
      Aug 24
  • VMware mowglii
    Current TC?
    Aug 24 0
  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    Take it, you got a cliff coming
    Aug 24 1


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