My manager is 100% useless?

New crapsy
Jun 25 19 Comments

I think my manager is fundamentally horrible. He is a nice guy and very sociable, but he never ever performs.

He never honors a commitment, he never follows up on stuff he said he would, when he’s invited to an important critical design meeting he’ll run out in 5 minutes saying he needs to go, ... basically he is just useless, if not harmful.

Mind you, he’s not even shielding the team from others: we are constantly approached for support issues, escalations, sales questions, feature requests, ...

For example: just recently they changed our company expenses policy in a way that all the reimbursement requests need to be approved by my manager, whereas before they were handled by HR. As a result, now I have 2 months of expenses piled up ($1000+) because he doesn’t have the time to look at them, whereas before they were reviewed in just a few days at most. The second they announced the change I thought “fuck no! I’m never going to get reimbursed now”... and indeed it happened.

Everything he touches, he makes inefficient and horrible.

Is this normal? Have you experienced horrible managers such as mine?


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  • Microsoft yesterda
    How can you step up
    Jun 25 2
    • New crapsy
      What? Step up and approve my own expense reports?
      Jun 25
    • Microsoft yesterda
      lol yes , tell the manager to delegate that to you as it will free up his already free time , they will thank you
      Jun 25
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    Yes, I have. They have been fired after about 6 months.
    Jun 25 2
    • New crapsy
      This dude has been going strong for 2 years now. FML.
      Jun 25
    • JUUL Jmae
      My manager’s bad too. Very loud, disruptive, unorganized, always pretends to know everything. He’s going strong here too and his managers are all bro-y with him. And my teammates all seem to put up with him fine. I feel only I feel tortured working under him.
      Jun 25
  • Apple / Eng tWBu16
    Change teams or companies. Bad managers make me miserable
    Jun 25 0
  • Amazon / Eng utu
    Just keep bugging him. How many direct/indirects does he have? With managers, they’ve got a bunch of things going on so sometimes things fall thru the cracks. Also, always have skip-level 1:1s
    Jun 25 3
    • New crapsy
      It’s quite tiring. One time I had a problem with pay (RSUs given were less than he told me) and I had to send him 5 emails over the course of 2 months. He didn’t reply to any of those (I kid you not, one email every 10 days or so), I had to physically harass him at his desk, and he was also pissed I interrupted him.
      Jun 25
    • Amazon / Eng utu
      I’ve had a bad manager like that before. Luckily got a new one after a re-org. Bad management will destroy your career. I’d switch as fast as possible. Talk to those in your network, former colleagues, friends. It’s not worth it.
      Jun 25
    • Amazon / HR

      Amazon HR

      Volt Information Sciences
      I agree, time for a skip level one on one
      Jun 26
  • Google / Strategy Efkf01
    Do you work at Dunder Mifflin?
    Jun 25 1
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    Sounds like my last manager at my old company. Would just skip out on very important meetings in the middle of them and not come back. Expected us to put our fires that should have been extinguished by a manager/principal
    Jun 25 0
  • Indeed UYDX18
    “He is a nice guy and very sociable, but he never ever performs.” - I’ve been there so many times...
    Jul 1 0
  • Intuit dumb@ss
    List all the pending (approval) expenses along with the expense date and email it to your manager and CC to Payroll and politely request him to approve these pending expenses. E.g.:

    “If you or someone from payroll can approve these pending expenses at your earliest convenience it will be great/helpful. Please let me know if you need any additional information from my side to help you approve these expenses. Thank you!”
    Jun 26 0
  • Twitch giu37&(2
    Leetcode to GTFO
    Jun 26 0
  • NetSuite kiratea
    My manager, prior to his promotion, was only known by people as the ‘’nice guy”. 100% conflict adverse just like yours.

    His manager (my director) loves him because he never says no to anything. Total yes man.

    He has literally told me that you’re not judged on your work or productivity/contribution, your promotion is based on how much people like you. The result? What little talent we had, left.

    See if you can move off the team ASAP, otherwise it’s time to leave. Get a reference from someone else who can vouch for your work. A useless manager is a terrible reference.
    Jun 26 0
  • Indeed dovein
    I would say document everything to cover your own back, and report to HR. Without documentation, there's not a lot they can do to help. Emails are probably best - keep all the emails you've sent him and followed up on about your claims etc. And like everyone else said, get out from under him if you can.
    Jun 25 0


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