My personal interview experience with Apple

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I am an iOS engineer , last year I took more than 7 interviews with Apple , and I should say , I am just shocked by how this company treats its interviewees :

I got stood up once . One of the interviewers did the interview in the parking lot , I can clearly hear him starting his car . Got assigned to a Test Engineer on-site interview twice when I clearly applied for a SWE position.

I interviewed with many other company before , I never seen anyone treat their candidates like this . Can anyone from Apple tell me what is going on inside your company ??


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  • Pandora / Eng joystick
    Every team at Apple has its own recruiting process. It’s almost like interviewing with different companies. You had some bad luck. Keep trying with other teams, you may find a good fit. It’s important to apply to teams that work on something you are passionate about, otherwise you will not be taken seriously.

    Unrelated to your question, the punctuation marks should not have preceding whitespace.
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  • Apple appl3
    Honest question, I have noticed many Indians punctuate like this . Or like that : why is that ? Is it considered grammatically correct in India ? It is hard to take a colleague seriously and looks unprofessional to me when I see such poor english. Also they say “I gave an interview” instead of “I had an interview”. Please enlighten me. Also, yes it is true. Apple interviews very differently from team to team. Very little trust and very little consistency. In my opinion a very dated practice and does not look to grow or encourage transfers.
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  • Google hypms
    Why Apple at first place? Lol
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  • Eigen 🔥blind
    I have had similar experiences with other companies, never got called from apple. So bro chill out.. I have been an interviewer myself , so if someone is casual .. so dance the way music flows.. I would love to talk with cool chaps.. and be equally professional when situation demands
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