My story of Google workplace benefits transforming my life

Netflix nflxos
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I decided I should share my story, don’t think we fully appreciate what we have.

Me, 4 years ago: diagnosed with pre-diabetes, “borderline obese”. Life at my lowest - 2 kids, wife diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer.

Working at Google. See an announcement - new program, commuter e-bikes program. They will give out e-bikes if you bike at least 3 days/week. I always enjoyed biking as a kid but did not buy a bike as adult - I lived 8.5 miles away from the office and didn’t want to waste money on something I will never use. I joined ebike program just to see if I can bike to work. Turns out - I can.

A year and a half passes. I was biking 3 times/week with assist set to 30%. I feel much more confident. Decided to join the Hiit School cardio boxing class (1/week). I am bad, can’t do a mini-lap, use 7lb dumbells. Keep coming each week, feel sore for the next 3 days. Start noticing that I am becoming more and more flexible, tying shoelaces is no longer as much of a challenge.

I join regular Hiit School classes (2/week).

Now: I am officially (based on measurements) not overweight, I lost 30+ lbs. I can run a mile without stopping I use 20 and 25 lb dumbells, depending on the exercize. My sweat no longer smells of sugar.

My wife recieved all the best treatments, reconstructive surgery, everything. She had been in remission for awhile. I did have to contact Google “health concierge” now and then - but they were really helpful and understanding.

I do not know who came up with e-bikes program, I wish I could’ve thanked them in-person. I am also sure people do not always understand how transformative those programs can be.


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  • New Itizar
    do you work at G or N currently?
    Nice story and congratulations
    Aug 27 18
    • Salesforce CloudSurfr
      Lool, I'm judging the logic lig3, not his personal beliefs, keep the f up if you're going to insult employme pointed out he was working for a company where people protested the implementation a a search engine meant to do to people in China the same treatment that happened in the USSR. He then wanted them to pipe down so he could do his work, after escaping that system at home...he then posted about the benefits of employee benefits that the USSR would never have thought to give him, because it's an external good to needs of the state... that's ironic. Pretty much the def. But yea 🙄 to you too
      Sep 2
    • Microsoft lyju67
      He also mentioned Andy Rubin and those seem to just be select examples. In my opinion many SJWs spread hate speech against people they have labeled privileged. If you call them out they start lecturing about how reverse racism is impossible. Now, I am rather liberal, but I think there is a contingent of people who have gone too far.
      Sep 2
    • Google uzaname
      Salesforce, why you not making sense? Nflxos- this is great to hear!
      Sep 2
    • Salesforce CloudSurfr
      Umm, yes select examples because the premise of the original post was on the benefits he received. I used the term conservative because that's how he sees himself and I see that as ironic given he has appreciated and benefited from things that are not associated with that label ...not because I agree with such labels...conservative, liberal, SJW... frankly these are all recently made up terms to categorize and separate ourselves and they're oversimplified as a result. They're not real definitions of anything. Is the OP fiscally conservative and moderately liberal, I don't know, but either way I think there's more nuance. That's what I'm calling out there. Terms like racism and hate speech do however have historical implications in this country, which I do not deny we may need to adjust given the evolution of things. That's natural, but it's insulting to the intelligence of others to not acknowledge that and in my opinion that's what we're most often arguing about, not respecting one another enough to discuss and identify and develop new language or new applications of language, informed by our perspectives.
      Sep 2
    • Target welldone1
      Well said cloudsurfr.
      Sep 2
  • American Express uktg07
    Beautiful!! Love this - congrats!
    Aug 27 0
  • Snapchat lookingh
    so you were unable to buy a bike on your own and only with the help of google it happened, right?

    you were also not able to go to the gym on you own and only google helped you, right?

    story about lazy person, who wasn’t able to resolve these simple issues himself

    1k likes, really?

    this must be some kind of a joke

    what’s next?

    googlers weren’t able to get a hair cut, so google helped them
    googlers weren’t able to wipe out their asses, but google helped them

    Sep 2 12
    • Google Mr. Glass
      ^ you are the real embarrassment
      Sep 4
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      True... It's not Google but still respect to OP for finding motivation at least in freebies.
      Sep 6
    • Google Mr. Glass
      Celebrating your own helplessness and worshipping a benevolent donor for help is not worth deriving motivation from. It is in fact an undesirable value to harbor.
      Sep 7
    • Snapchat


      Bell Helicopter
      @Glass duuuude you are the epitome of hypocritical asshole. And your “Top Contributor” badge is an undesirable badge of dishonor celebrating your own helplessness. Definitely not worth deriving any honor from...the OP’s post is entirely valid and worth celebrating.
      Sep 7
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      Glass has a valid point. Though I disagree. OP found motivation in something weird that we can't understand maybe (motivation by the fact something is a freebie, so he should be using it. And the freebies coincidentally were contributing to health). He's not celebrating his helplessness, just sharing what motivates him, and it's fine, still better than being helpless completely.
      Sep 9
  • Amazon Handsolo
    Nice to hear something positive on Blind for a change.
    Sep 2 1
    • BNY Mellon antishock
      Tired of hearing about privileged engineers making 300k + bonus complain about everything? Me too
      Sep 2
  • SpaceX / Other

    SpaceX Other

    Your company benefits did not transform your life, you did
    Aug 27 6
    • Amazon frmnt
      And now we only get crappy lime bikes in Seattle that will kill someone sooner rather than later. Google is pretty stingy these days.
      Sep 2
    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      Ahaaha you are goddam right!
      Sep 2
    • Google lllko
      The bike program still exists. It's in mountain view only. I know someone who just got one. I had one myself when I joined too.

      BTW that ebike is $4k not 2.5k :)
      Sep 3
    • Google WVXD02
      Have it in LA as well.
      Sep 5
    • Amazon frmnt
      Nothing like that in Seattle unfortunately
      Sep 5
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Autodesk kuriuscat
      “On a separate note: do you think people who can't make logical connection between health condition and lifestyle are worth to hire”...... Making a ‘logical connection’ isn’t enough to motivate a lifestyle change. And i’m really more shocked how people like Zocdoc make it through the hiring process when their ability to understand a basic as fuck human experience is non existent. Really, this one is not that hard to comprehend. And the fact that you can’t shows somethings wrong with you not the OP.
      Sep 2
    • WeWork RPvk36
      Losing weight is about diet. Stop eating and you will get skinny. Don’t associate it with being busy, it is your eating habit you need to fix.
      Sep 2
    • MassMutual / Eng

      MassMutual Eng

      Lead Software Engineer
      Yep. Companies should know who they hire.

      I wouldn't want someone like you on my team.

      That mindset is the prolapsed rectum of humanity.
      Sep 2
    • Intel qWKx52
      bench 190+? should at least bench your weight thats too low
      Sep 2
    • Microsoft bigsixhero
      @Intel Pecs are actually a fairly nonproductive muscle for climbers. Its not worthwhile to increase that further.
      Sep 2
  • Zillow Group Alucard
    Thank you for share something positive in this community, this post and fews are worthwhile reading
    Aug 27 0
  • Adobe HaroldWren
    OP: you say you left G because your concervativism (not a word, I know) didn’t mesh with them, but it is socialism that you are praising. Adobe provides similar benefits but I’m not overweight nor do people in my family at this moment have those conditions. Free market dictates that corporations should give all their employees a raise proportional to value or discount to customers or dividend to shareholders. Yet you yourself say that a raise wouldn’t get you there it is the “evil” central planning that did. And please don’t confuse USSR with communism. I’m a Soviet Jew myself and I remember that we only ever talked about “30 years till communism”, sure that worked out better for some then others.

    In the meantime, there are several political candidates wanting to extend similar benefits to all Americans. I’d encourage you to look into them.
    Sep 2 8
    • Adobe HaroldWren
      @edenfruit say I’m companyX, I want to attract top talent and I have $100 budget for 100 employees. I can buy them all $1 in benefit of my choosing (but then I centrally plan which benefit that is) or I can distribute the capital based on performance and let my employees decide how to spend their $0.01 - $10 bonus depending on their output.

      Option 1 is exactly what “socialists” are advocating for: some things (like healthcare) are important to everyone and it should not matter what your dollar worth to society is.

      Option 2 is a “capitalist” argument: let me decide how to allocate my own resources because I am a rational self-interest maximizer.

      Both have merit, both have flaws. I feel we get so lost in labels that even intelligent people don’t understand what the socialist vs capitalist argument is about.
      Sep 3
    • Google Mr. Glass
      Yep. The scums advocating option 1 would say that people make sub optimal choices and are messy. It’s identical to the claim that people can’t handle freedom, they’ll hurt themselves with it and need to be “protected” via a benevolent centralized forced plan. Disgusting scums.

      True wisdom is in knowing that option 2 goes hand in hand with spending on educating and persuading the people on the merits and demerits of various choices (through private and free organizations, not bureaucratic force) to let them voluntarily make a beneficial decision.
      Sep 3
    • ADP mm456
      Socialism is when the *government* thinks they know best and erodes our freedoms and takes from producers to give to those who choose not to.

      A *business* deciding how to spend their profits has nothing whatsoever to do with socialism.

      Amazing how little some people understand about such fundamental threats to democracy.
      Sep 3
    • Apple EdenFruit
      @mr glass, Ayn Rand much? If so, she was a fraud who died while taking government benefits.

      What you guys are missing here is that Google gives you these benefits to stay competitive with their industry, not because they care for your well-being.

      So, where is the socialism there? They are just competing.
      Sep 3
    • Google Mr. Glass
      As hominem much, idiot? Can’t attack the philosophy on its own merit so try to smear its proponents?

      “So, where is the socialism there? They are just competing.”
      The demented socialism is in the encouragement of the behavior of championing your own helplessness and how the group “culture” saved your miserable life that you were brainwashed to be powerless to change by yourself.

      OP should be taught that it’s their choice to enroll in the bike program that benefited them. And there are other things they can consider doing too. OP should be taught that they are in control of their lives. They must be taught not to worship their dependence on somebody else and preach it as gospel.
      Sep 3
  • Google UWOM24
    On the flip side, my experience has been different. I ate google free food like a pig and gained 50 pounds. Yet health checks came out ok. I think their lab tests are broken. Will repeat.
    Sep 2 3
    • New hwUn20
      Sep 2
    • Chase / Eng Sha_
      Keep it up👍
      Sep 2
    • Cruise Automation dolboeb
      That’s just called a bulk
      Sep 3
  • Flagged by the community.

    • Prezi / Mktg

      Prezi Mktg

      Move on. We get it, there's a problem. But focus on the positive story at hand. We don't always need someone raining on the parade. We don't always need to focus on the negatives.
      Sep 2
    • This post wreaks of how removed from reality you people are. Ostriches that can leet code 100 lines a minute. Here’s your free food, now get the fuck back to work
      Sep 2
    • Google Mr. Glass
      It’s not a positive story. It’s the story of praising servitude. Slave praising their master for generous perks. Disgusting. Grow a pair, take control of your life, and make life altering choices yourself. Stop this filthy worship of a “culture”. You decide your fate. You chose to participate in the e-bike program. Grow that muscle and start deciding more of your life choices.
      Sep 2
  • Uber gaffe
    @OP: You should post this on LinkedIn.. the program creator may be there for you to thanks + let other people and companies know the how thoughtful benefits can really change people’s lives
    Sep 2 1
    • New York Magazine / Eng pkCY73
      Sep 2
  • Google pure.truth
    Thank you for posting this. I came to Google after 12 years at non-FAANG companies. I tell everyone I meet who's worked at Google their whole life how lucky they are and to not take it for granted. It really isn't like the 'real' world and I'm thankful for that.
    Sep 2 1
    • Deloitte / Product

      Deloitte Product

      Hi There! How can I help?
      Would love to know more. Can I DM you?
      Sep 2
  • Zyzyxtech Xyzyz
    Congrats OP. Your post is a winner on Blind, no one asked for your TC.
    Sep 2 0
  • Verizon Media boybbn
    Your accomplishments, which are great, are independent of Google. Those benefits are standard in Silicon Valley, and I am pretty sure there are similar stories around the valley. Great work!, but credit yourself not Google
    Sep 2 7
    • Google lllko
      Version name another company that gives free 4k ebike as standard benefit
      Sep 3
    • Verizon Media boybbn
      Do you need 4k of biking to get in shape? Most companies give you onsite gyms, classes, or credits up to 200 per month, which goes to 2.4k a year of gym spa. Others give you Apple Watch or trackers for free. The reason? Lower insurance costs. C’mon googlers you are NOT special. Google makes you think are special for business reasons.

      I have gotten 600 of discount to BUY a bike, not to rent bikes along with combinations of gyms and trackers including apple watches per year
      Sep 3
    • Google hgfx
      Op's story is about a free loaner ebike that got him started which you said is standard benefit. Stick to facts. Wanna troll about your apple watches? Start your own thread
      Sep 3
    • Verizon Media boybbn
      Sorry, standard benefits in the aggregate. You are NOT special. Live with that
      Sep 3
    • Amazon hydfb
      Ebike is an order of magnitude more expensive than an apple watch. I can't imagine many companies handing those out
      Sep 6
  • Capital One harasho
    Thanks for sharing, I hope your wife recovers fully and quickly!
    Aug 27 0
  • Microsoft tincans
    Thanks for sharing and congrats on results. Not title is misleading. This had nothing to do with Google. You could have done this at any company. It was you who did it!
    Aug 27 2
    • Netflix nflxos
      I would’ve done it sooner if it was on me. It was really amazing people at Google who made it so easy and accessible that pushed me.
      Aug 27
    • Chase / Eng Sha_
      You may not be able to do this at all the other companies. But I really loved the story. More power to you. Happy to see someone getting out of such problems.
      Sep 2
  • Groupon


    Groupon y'all!
    Dude's wife had late-stage breast cancer. Somehow, 75% of the story is about him losing weight by riding a bike.
    Sep 2 1
    • New York Magazine / Eng pkCY73
      She is being treated and/or in remission. He has a lot on his plate including 2 kids. You have to be all of 12 years old to write something like this.
      Sep 2
  • MongoDB tlb_miss
    Sep 2 2
    • PubMatic / Eng

      PubMatic Eng

      Come on
      Sep 2
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Samsung Electronics
      By looking at the benefits, it's a lot.
      Sep 2
  • Microsoft gurra
    Are you HR?
    Sep 2 0
  • New / HR

    New HR

    Herman Miller
    Thank you for sharing! It’s awesome to hear something positive and not a outright complaint on here. Congrats on your life changing commitment!! I’m so happy for you.
    Sep 2 0