NIO layoffs

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May 2 13 Comments

The reason for the 70 ppl layoffs?


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  • Tesla / Ops

    Tesla Ops

    Bc neither of you can compete with Tesla
    May 2 2
    • ServiceNow zboot_hi
      they can’t compete with the size of tesla’s layoffs
      May 2
    • BYTON


      Faraday Future
      So? What is the point of your comment?
      May 3
  • Google -Knight~
    Cause of .........cost cutting to show better revenue for next quarter
    May 2 4
    • Microsoft M💰FT
      If they make it to next quarter
      May 2
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      Whatever is happening with tsla stock.. keeping that aside, no company can produce a better electric car than tesla today. Period.
      May 2
    • Microsoft Cbrvgsxu
      Cost cutting doesn’t help revenue. Cost cutting helps profitability. Obviously a non biz guy.
      May 3
    • Google -Knight~
      Too early to judge :-). If I make 5% revenue instead of 10% every one now focous on earnings .
      May 3
  • NIO / Eng Dysfunkt
    OP, I'm wondering the same. I was expecting a bloodbath. How's it in Byton land? Found a new CEO yet? Did you want to hire Padma?
    May 3 2
    • Wish


      I clean toilets. Pee Hach Tea 🍵
      So how’s NIO’s culture inside? Is there going to be another round of convertible senior notes or any type of funding? I’d appreciate it if you can share some insight into how you feel about the company right now? ;)
      May 4
    • NIO / Eng Dysfunkt
      Can't talk about finance.
      May 4
  • Uber xisu
    Bye bye nio
    May 3 0
  • Microsoft M💰FT
    Dumb post
    May 2 0