$NTNX a good buy?

Amazon boldergo
Mar 13 9 Comments

Is Nutanix stock a good buy right now? How high do people see it going and when? From an earlier thread, ntnx employees seemed extremely bullish despite the stock crashing 30%.


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  • Salesforce 999999&
    Someone was talking about some mistakes in marketing the other day. I suspect it’s deeper than that if a C level walks out.
    Mar 13 0
  • Cisco Wakeup
    Nutanix stock will be stuck like pure storage. No scope to grow as much
    Mar 13 2
    • Nutanix xantum
      LOL, stock will easily come back to 50$+ in two quarter, wait and see.
      Mar 13
    • Cisco Wakeup
      How is it looking now?
      May 30
  • Nutanix QrkD13
    That C level had been at Nutanix less than 2 years and failed to deliver on the objectives he was clearly targeted towards. This was more of a final straw scenario.
    Mar 13 2
    • Cisco Wakeup
      Unless you are part of the exec staff, that’s what they are going to tell you. No start up is going to tell it’s employees we aren’t doing well.
      Mar 13
    • Nutanix QrkD13
      As an employee you didn't have to be told anything by anyone to come to my conclusion.
      Mar 13
  • Lenovo #!
    Wouldn't be shocked if they get acquired soon...
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon / Eng 1099-B
    Buy now
    Mar 14 0