NY sues T-Mobile for Sales Tactics

Goldman Sachs 4Rp9ym
Sep 5 10 Comments

TLDR: T-Mobile is selling used phones as new according to this article. Honestly, that's a pretty horrible practice.



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  • T-Mobile retread
    Doesn't make it OK but those stores are 3rd party Tmo affiliates and not actual corporate stores right?
    Sep 6 2
    • Cisco gmann
      Good point
      Sep 6
    • T-Mobile lAFM00
      You’re right. Independently owned dealer, metro is almost exclusively dealer stores.
      Sep 6
  • Cisco gmann
    Betting more than TMO are guilty
    Sep 6 2
    • AT&T / Eng GOFb61
      Definitely not an issue here at AT&T, we’re so strict with what we use to the point of paranoia
      Sep 6
    • Cisco webecisco
      Seconded regarding AT&T and being extremely strict in this regard.
      Sep 7
  • Verizon kurious1
    Not an issue at VZ. VZ is extremely careful down to a T. TMO is the renegade self declared rebel who try to push the boundaries sometimes that may get them in trouble. My friend who had TMO after disconnect was mailed refund via Prepaid gift card (rather than a check) and then received collection notices out of blue for unpaid bill. It is too weird and unethical.
    Sep 6 1
    • CDK Global / IT

      CDK Global IT

      Marriott, ADP
      doesn't apply, these were independently owned dealers
      Sep 6
  • Verizon / Cust. Srv.

    Verizon Cust. Srv.

    Chef, Blue Cross Blue Shield, T-Mobile
    This isn't for TMO exclusively it's for metro. Tmo inherited that hot mess. There are bad sales folks no matter where you go. Its especially common with 3rd party retailers.
    Sep 6 0
  • Roku cruella
    Sep 6 0


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