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New MrHello
Mar 13 10 Comments

Any tips for apartment hunting in NYC? Will be relocating for a new job and rather intimidated by the moving and apartment shopping process.
* How much time to look for a place: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month?
* Recommend finding a place before actually starting the job? I was going to move to the city a week before and stay in a hotel while searching for a place, but maybe it’s not enough time and maybe I should wait a bit too to make sure job goes well?
* Is a real estate broker worth the money—can’t I just contact a place I find online directly and save the commission?
* Any issues specific to moving from out of state—can I just keep my previous driver’s license for ID since won’t have a car, offer letter good enough to verify income and employment?

TC: $300k


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  • New sparked
    You have two options in NYC.

    1. Use a broker; if you want to find yourself in a nice town house or walk up this is really your only route. It’s a scam but it’s how it’s done in the market. Apartments through brokers go extremely fast so you better be ready to sign the paperwork same’s not like most areas of the country where you can go view 15 places in a week and then decide.

    2. Focus solely on “luxury” apartments/condos that have their own in house leasing office. This process is a little more laid back but comparatively you’re gonna pay more for what you get unless you use the amenities to the max. Based on your TC this is what I would recommend, you can afford it and it’s a lot less hectic.

    No issues with maintaining out of state license. I lived in both NYC and Jersey City over two years and never got rid of my MD license.

    Given your timeline I would work over the phone with high rises. What areas of the city are you interested in?
    Mar 133
    • New MrHello
      Thanks—I have a wife and toddler, so thinking of Upper West Side and Brooklyn (Park Slope, Williamsburg, probably a few more), and maybe Jersey City.
      Mar 13
    • New sparked
      Depending on your budget, I highly recommend the buildings along riverside drive on the west side. I spent a year living in The Ashley and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Regardless that area in general is awesome. Jersey City has a much more relaxed feel about it. I will say the apartment buildings in general are not nearly as well built as the condo buildings in NYC. There is a really nice apartment building in Jersey City that was an old factory. I don’t remember the name of it but it’s like a 4-5 story building right next to the trump towers so it’d be easy to locate on a map.
      Mar 13
    • New sparked
      Feel free to DM me if you want any specific information regarding areas/buildings
      Mar 13
  • Dropbox HTfx25
    Have went the “luxury” route and closed the deal on my own, would recommend if you have the finances to work in that $3000-$4500/mo price range. Fuck paying broker fees.
    Mar 130
  • Deloitte dex
    Seriously, it's 2019 and there are still brokers? Just use Streeteasy and don't bother even checking out listings without exact address.
    Mar 131
    • New sparked
      Streeteasy is awesome except 90% of the time you end up needing to go through a broker to actually view and sign a lease for an apartment
      Mar 13
  • Microsoft


    Use a broker. They have access to listings you won’t be able to get on your own, and apartment hunting in NY is such a shitshow that it’s worth it to pay someone to do it for you
    Mar 131
    • New MrHello
      Thanks! My concern is that then problem changes from how to find an apartment to how to find a broker :)
      Mar 13
  • GrubHub / Eng


    Park slope +1
    Mar 130

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