NYC Hell’s Kitchen opinions?

Sep 21 7 Comments

Anybody live there or have an opinion of living there? Moving to Hudson Yards for work.


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  • McKinsey sallie
    One bedrooms, 3k+
    Sep 21 0
  • McKinsey sallie
    Love it
    Sep 21 0
  • Amazon t7gyTH
    Can software engineers afford to live alone in a studio in Manhattan?
    Sep 21 1
    • OP
      I’ve seen places for 3500-4000 for a one bedroom. maybe as an SDE2?
      Sep 21
  • NBCUniversal gVirus
    Not as trendy as other neighborhoods around the city, but 9th ave has a separate bike path and plenty of bars and restaurants to hit up. Subway access requires walking depending on how far west you go.
    Sep 21 0
  • Red Hat / Eng johnniewic
    If you want windows and sunlight be prepared to spend $4K atleast for one bed, it’s worth if you can afford.
    And that’ll be some 1970-80 ish building decently maintained/renovated (mostly to attract artist types).
    Sep 21 0
  • McKinsey sallie
    Depends on your budget, you can get a studio for 2k-2.5k in Manhattan but personally all the nicer ones are 2.5k+
    Sep 21 0