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Google Tpoz50
Aug 17 11 Comments

Hi all, I'm a rising senior who'd love some fulltime referrals! About me: I'm currently interning at Google; go to an Ivy league school; and am interested in mainly SWE backend roles (OS/Distributed/Networks).

I'd prefer small to medium sized places in either NY or SF, as I've found that Google's a bit too big for me. So I guess a tentative list would be: Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, Square, Squarespace, Rubrik, Doordash, Spotify, Lyft, and prop shops, but I'd love to hear any suggestions.



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TOP 11 Comments
  • Microsoft 🦍Ape
    Please no one refer someone that calls themself a rising senior
    Aug 17 4
    • Google Tpoz50
      Aug 17
    • Spotify / Eng bubbedty
      I don't think he's referring to senior engineer -- he's a senior in college. Right?
      Aug 18
    • Google Tpoz50
      Aug 18
    • Rubrik / Eng knowbody
      Lol I can’t believe this comment got likes. He’s just saying he’s about to enter his last year of undergrad. And apes like I’m gonna end this man’s career.
      Aug 19
  • DoorDash DD2020DD
    DM for DoorDash
    Aug 18 2
    • Google Tpoz50
      Aug 18
    • New t2s
      Can I DM you as well? I am a student from a well known school that is interested in interning at Doordash. 200+ LC and I also have some prior internship experience. I am willing to send you any information that you may need.
      Sep 13
  • Rubrik / Eng knowbody
    DM your resume.
    Aug 17 1
  • Expensify sf_hiring
    DM for Expensify!
    Aug 18 0


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