Naked short selling and Uber

Amazon vfjejsj
May 14 8 Comments

How does Naked short selling impact Uber? Is that why no Put option in Robinhood?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Uber fjfh
    I stopped at naked short
    May 152
  • Google watdduck
    Ah blind! What would I do without you :)
    May 140
  • Google / Eng🍑☁️
    What you do in your basement is none of our business
    May 140
  • Cruise Automation / Engoyvey
    Takes a few weeks for options to become available.
    May 140
  • New / Eng/ ÷
    You can try to borrow shares for short selling at 3-5% interest rate at some brokers, not sure about capital reqs
    May 140
  • Facebook public2
    May 140

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