Navigating 5 Verbal Offers

New Jaxnm
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uodated post with poll:


Hey Blind community. I wanted to get your input on which offers you’d pick, and also how to navigate compensation for the following verbal offers:

Google - L4 - GCP - (Sunmyvale, CA)
Amazon - L4 - Performance Ad (Seattle, WA)
Microsoft - Azure - (Redmond, WA)
DoorDash - (Mountain View, CA)
Oracle - OCI - (South Bay, CA)

I have 2 yoe. In terms of level, just know Amazon level is SD1 (L4). None of these offers have compensation details yet and they’ve asked me for my expected comp. Should I simply not give my comp expectation and ask all of them to give me their own comp package first and negotiate from there? Or should I share with them an expected comp and if so what comp range (strategically) would you suggest I share for my 2yoe (base and/or tc wise)? If there’s any other breakdown on how to approach this (maybe start with getting comp from least preference and build from there) also interested.

I don’t have experience navigating such a situation so advise, especially comp expectations to keep in mind, is greatly appreciated. If there’s interest or value to anyone in sharing specific teams I can also do that. I’ll update post with any comp details + any new offers as they come in.


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  • Google / Mgmt

    Google Mgmt

    Congratulations dude
    Don’t share any numbers. Tell them to make you an offer and then pit them against each other
    Oct 28 0
  • VMware lftl00
    Ask yourself what TC you deserve. Bump it up by 25% and tell them.
    Oct 28 1
    • Riverbed Technology ydhnnana
      That would come to $10K
      Oct 28
  • New / Eng FAANG_
    Congratulations:) Did you get any numbers dude?
    Nov 6 0
  • DoorDash 10118337
    Happy to talk about DoorDash with you if you wish, just PM
    Nov 6 0
  • New / Eng FAANG_
    Can you share amazon numbers ?
    Oct 29 0
  • Ask for ranges in each of the companies. They should tell you now and maybe where they’re targeting you as. One recruiter shared this.

    I used this number (pretty high in that band) to negotiate at another company. They beat that target comp. Then I went back to first with offer details. And they beat that. I tried negotiating with a third company but they’re not playing ball (lower level).
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