Need More User Focused Features

Workday Skeix8$!?e
Aug 14, 2017

Meaning it seems like there's a lot of functionality built for businesses using any of LinkedIn's paid products but I have not seen as many new features for regular employees that use LinkedIn.

For example LinkedIn used to publish where workers came from prior to joining a company which is useful but they did away with it.

It felt in a way that any utility a worker could get out of LinkedIn that a business does not want to see goes away or will not get built out to avoid angering businesses.

I would argue that LinkedIn should follow facebook's tact and focus a bit more on end users needs. They are constantly updating their news feed to be more relevant to users even if businesses using it see some short term pain where their posts show up less. As a result Facebook grows because they know who their audience is.

Some features I would like to see LinkedIn build in that businesses would oppose but would be favorable to users:

1) Salary aggregation. You have a way of authenticating users as part of a business and gathering their salary data which could be published when users are researching companies to join
2) Mapping out internal org charts. Companies also wouldn't like this getting out but this would be so useful for people trying to understand a firm when they are in the process or joining a firm or in understanding who their peers would be. Someone's job title doesn't give you the context for who their peers, superiors, and subordinates really are.
3) Company Reviews. Yes this is sounding like Glassdoor but this is hugely useful to employees researching a company. I get the feeling businesses have leverage over you in not rolling this out but the company that is bold enough to have this or innovate on a better way of measuring the quality of firms is really into something.

Just my 2 cents for now. I'm not going to stop using LinkedIn but would love to see LinkedIn or a competitor build something like this out that really focuses on what workers would want in a product.


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