Need Referrals

Microsoft Yhd5iK
Nov 15 5 Comments

I am SDE 1 at Microsoft Hyderabad with 2.5 YOE and I am looking for a switch.
Could you please refer me to Grab Singapore, LinkedIn, Indeed, Intuit, Twitter, Netflix, Paytm, Flipkart, Walmart or other good companies except FAAG (as I already got referrals for these)?


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  • Netflix bloodline
    Sorry mate, Netflix only hires senior engineers

    Also TC or GTFO
    Nov 17 0
  • PayPal nIyF58
    Nov 16 0
  • Twitter / Data except
    DM me for Twitter
    3d 0
  • Microsoft Ag3kx5
    Nov 17 0
  • Oracle howho
    Walmart really 😕
    Nov 16 0


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