Need Referrals at Adobe / LinkedIn / Lyft and Oath / Yahoo / Verizon

New / Eng CyberPunk9
Jun 14 5 Comments

Can someone help me out with these companies?
I already have a offer with start up but would like to interview with these companies.

I don't have enough time to apply online and wait for my application to get picked. Referrals would speed my process.

Leets - 220+ (100+M)
Can do 2 known mediums in 45min
Please dm me or Comment here. Thanks


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  • Google ....... .
    So you can do questions you already know the answer to in 45 mins. 👏 Doing more than 10-20 coding questions to prepare for an interview is practically cheating.
    Jun 14 2
    • New avuna
      But how without practicing you can solve these questions? Writing good software comes with practice and solving interview questions comes also by practise many questions. It's an art which comes by practise. You can't draw like picasso by just drawing 10-20 canvas or by just having all kind of brush and paints. You need to practise. I completely disagree with your point. Hope you can understand where my analogy is pointing to :)

      Either your
      Jun 14
    • Google ....... .
      You learn first principles and apply them during problem solving. 200 LC is cheating.
      Jun 14
  • Verizon Media daddy 😩
    DM me for Yahoo
    Jul 27 0
  • Adobe DollarPay
    DM me for Uber referral
    Jun 17 0


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