Need Referrals at Visa / Adobe / Juniper and Cisco Meraki for Software Engineer roles.

New / Eng CyberPunk2
Jun 12 11 Comments

Hello blinders,

Can someone help me out for above listed companies?

Bonus assured if I get a call! πŸ˜„


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Cisco embed-guru
    I agree that it shouldn't be that way... but at the end ur referral just helps with getting a call... beyond that, it's all upto to the performance of the candidate and i believe reference doesn contribute anything to it... So ideally ur just getting someone get a cal thru ur referral so in that case random or known candidate is upto your generosity !
    Jun 28 0
  • SAP IbAd23
    DM me for Visa
    Jun 12 2
    • New / Eng CyberPunk2
      Awesome, Thank you. Dmed!
      Jun 12
    • New / Eng Johnβ„’Wick
      Hey I haven't heard back from any position,can you check?
      Jun 26
  • Adobe popbobdop
    Do people really just do referrals for random people?
    Jun 13 1
    • New / Eng CyberPunk2
      Yes, people do that and I have received call as well.
      Jun 13
  • Cisco / Mgmt CiscoDream
    DM me for Cisco
    Jun 13 3
    • New / Eng CyberPunk2
      Can you dm me? I have exhausted my dm for this month.
      Jun 13
    • Cisco / Mgmt CiscoDream
      Msged u.
      Jun 13
    • New / Eng CyberPunk2
      Thanks, check dm.
      Jun 13
  • Juniper jocker
    Dm me for Juniper
    Sep 3 0


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