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New joord
Oct 20 4 Comments

Hi everyone, looking to get a new job into a tech company in a couple of months and I am doing some research.
I am a crestive strategist with expertise in fashion and culture, have 5 YOE and a Master Degree in Design Management. I’ve been working in photo/video production, project management, design and in the development of cultural/art programs.

Which roles do you think make the more sense for me?

and how much do you think I can ask? (I have a lot of trouble defining my worth)

In addition to my work experience I have been invites to speak as a panel in places like Google and the United Nations regarding my personal projects


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  • eBay gwtw9Nq7
    Nflx, Amzn prime? Disney? Any content creators I guess. What location?
    Oct 20 1
    • New joord
      New York :)
      Oct 20
  • New / Manufacturing

    New Manufacturing

    Nobody, including the POTUS cares about United Nations anymore. They dont have money to even keep their headquarter running. I wouldnt mention about it in the interview lol
    Oct 20 1


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