Need advice on career change

Nvidia ic4cc
Jun 14 3 Comments

Guys I need some advice

1. I am kinda of old for Silicon Valley standards - 40 plus

2. Work in some outdated application programming . Basically a maintenance role .

3. Still an IC and hands on person .

4 . Currently pursuing my Masters. In my 3rd semester of MS - ML

5. TC is 175 K

6.US citizen

Is it possible to change into ML or into Data Science/Analytics after my Masters.Try to do projects on the side .

I see new grads make my salary or even more than mine in Bay Area .

Thanks in advance for the help :))


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  • Nvidia he!$enberg
    Total years of experience ? Are you H/W or S/W?
    Jun 14 1
    • Nvidia ic4cc
      Will ping you
      Jun 14
  • Oracle Slowmotion
    Age is not a big deal as long as your skillsets are current and u can sell yourself.
    Jun 14 0


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