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eBay / Eng xIvP61
Nov 14 3 Comments

Have potential offers from LinkedIn(Senior, Applications) and Intuit(Senior, QB) and 2 pending on-sites (AMZN and SNAP).

Don't have the numbers yet, but would soon go into that discussion. What are the numbers I should quote. says 300, is that with counter?

How is the Applications org in LI, work and wlb wise and how to postpone having to make that decision(current stage is team match). Recruiter is already pushing to know if I will accept quickly. How much time does it take from team match to offer letter?

TC: 160 YOE: 3.5


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  • New OPqa80
    Use Snap's offer to neg LinkedIn.
    Nov 14 2
    • eBay / Eng xIvP61
      That's gonna take sometime, how long can I postpone the LI recruiter.
      Nov 14
    • New OPqa80
      You should be pushing Snap instead. Tell LI to give you a week and tell Snap that you have to accept your offer by Tuesday. They'll fast track you for the onsite.
      Nov 14


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