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May 3 1 Comment

After 9 years of working in a reasonably niche domain (audio), I’m looking to diversify my skillset and move onto other things. One of the challenges that I currently face is that it is hard to find an opportunity in a larger company in a new domain without all the relevant experience.

My current skills include programming in C++, Swift, Python. From writing a lot of demo apps, I’m pretty familiar with iOS apps but haven’t ever worked on or released a production application. I've done a lot of low level multi-threaded C++ development work over the years so my C++ chops are pretty good. Off late, I’ve been studying Machine Learning on the side (Coursera, Kaggle competitions etc).

If I were to invest a good portion of my time this year in learning new technologies, where would it be? I’ve been thinking React and React Native for front end work and serverless offerings (either GCP or AWS) to cover backend. I seem to have missed the entire wave with cloud computing but I’m hoping to catch up to a certain extent with serverless computing.

Thanks in advance for your input.


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