Need help figuring out my worth

NewRelic _._...
Sep 21 6 Comments

I’m in Portland as a mid level backend looking to jump to senior. I’ve got one offer in hand and told I’ll get another offer expected Monday.

current offer lists no $$, only asks to get on a call to figure out the money situation.

Problem is both are remote-only private small companies with no information on Glassdoor.

Company A
- finished round D funding in 2018. valued at 1.9B
- am told they give no equity by current employee
- Am told no signing bonus
- no 401k match
- ~600 employees

Company B
- cash flow positive for 5 years. Only took 100M in VC when first starting.
- Recruiter says CEO never wants to go public
- Can choose between options or profit sharing (10% or 15% bonus. need to confirm)
- 401k match 5% salary
- ~125 employees

current TC: 143k (includes 401k match)

if I stay at my company and get a promo to senior level I (3-9 months from now) TC goes to 158k.

The job offers I have are for senior level. One offer i was told i absolutely crushed it.

Should I take the 158k, add 10% and ask for 174k?

Problem is 174k TC sounds high for finally being senior, especially for my city? Then again lead engineer level I at my current company makes 165k base.


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  • Oath Atinlay2
    Your worth is whatever you can get offers for
    Sep 21 2
    • NewRelic _._...
      Do I just throw out a number and see where they respond with? Feels difficult being the one to “go first”
      Sep 21
    • Google / Mgmt

      Google Mgmt

      Never give them any numbers and especially never be the first to throw out numbers
      Sep 21
  • Oath Atinlay2
    You’re getting ahead of yourself. Wait and see what the next offer is.
    Sep 21 1
    • Microsoft Vbsm66
      Wow Atinlay2 is finally being helpful for once, I'm proud of you 😍
      Sep 21
  • New wcvn234
    If the CEO never wants to go public then the only way your options will be worth something is if the company is acquired or there's a share buyback. A share buyback is pretty unlikely since it's generally a waste of investors' money.
    Acquisition is only likely if the company is doing something that a larger company might like.
    Sep 21 0