Need help on how to deal with a co worker and his cheap politics ?

Nvidia ic4cc
Jun 8 29 Comments

Hello Guys ,

I need advice on how to deal with my co worker . I work for a cost center which supports all other orgs .

I have been here for about 18 months . Initially I joined as a contractor and then became FTE after 3 months.

Unfortunately from the start I have to work with this guy who is the project lead - IC5.

I already started looking and plan to quit soon . Just need advice how to handle this guy till that time and also want to complain about him to HR before leaving .

These are few things he did to me which was very unprofessional and causing lot of stress

1.When I was a contractor literally he dumped all his work to me . He will purposefully ask me to do some manual activities again and again even if it is not needed .

2. He won’t invite me to any meetings with the users . He will make sure he is the key guy and won’t allow me to talk to the users.

3.He will always talks to me in Hindi even I told him zillion times politely that I don’t know Hindi . Even in the meetings he talks in Hindi which makes me feel bad .

4.He will text or call me in the weekends and say some manual work has to be completed before Monday morning and he need it by Sunday evening . This is not just one time . Numerous times he has done this . I know it is not needed at all .

5.This is funny and shows how mean he is . He created an incident on behalf of me requesting an headphone . He took it from the IT dept and took it home for his personal use . He didn’t even mention it to me . He is so mean . I came to know after seeing the ticket .

6. He will ask status every 2 hours . The reason is to irritate me . He does this purposefully to frustrate me.

7. I sit next to him and he always watches me what I do . He is so cheap .

8. He will disappear in the afternoon to do his real estate business . I was surprised how he does it openly and also in a H1B visa .

9.He will intentionally ask my visa status and again like Hindi I told him numerous times that I am a US citizen .

10. He has connections with other teams and he will make sure that nothing gets done if I go and ask them . He is very dangerous . This is very very unprofessional and can’t digest it .

11. He will keep changing priorities often . The reason is he will just dump his work to me . He hasn’t done any hands on so far other than going and attending the meetings and doing his real estate business in the afternoon .

12. He works smarter. For example in a project he doesn’t do any hands on work and he does all the project managers work from updating spreadsheet, sending meeting notes, follows with everyone on the status… Literally plays a project manager role . All the project manager prefer him since he does 90% of their work . I feel he needs to be transferred to the program management team or project manager team .

13 . Complained to my manager . He said he will take care of him . Nothing happened .

14 Really got pissed off last week . He has to deliver something last week and as usual didn’t do it . Then he assigns it to me on Wednesday evening.Then the project manager sends an email to me yesterday copying the whole team that this has to be fixed ASAP which is a show stopper . He knows this stupid idiot has to deliver it and was sitting on it for more than a week . I have to work the whole night on Thursday to complete it and deliver it on Friday .I feel all these guys from one region in India formed a cartel and try to think Nvidia belongs to them and no new comers can enter .

I am surprised how openly he does all these things .

Is it better to complain to HR now or wait till I get a job offer and then complain.


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  • Microsoft NFca01
    Don't leave. learn to deal with it. Does not matter what you do and where you go, at some point you will have to deal again with such assholes.
    Jun 8 2
    • Naw, there are some startups with pretty good focus on culture out there. Any one of those would be heaven compared to what he's describing.
      Jun 8
    • Google g3doc
      I agree with the spirit of this message. Do your best to deal with it, face it until you have no other option
      Jun 8
  • Oracle not_larry
    He is just jealous of you for being a US citizen. Pity the fool and move on. Not worth complaining, nothing will happen.
    Jun 8 1
  • Apple neverSt0p
    Looking at the English that you have written, I don't think you are a native English speaker either! Talk to him directly and if nothing changes invite his manager, then HR!
    Jun 8 4
    • Snapchat idkfa.
      Does it matter where he was born?
      Jun 8
    • Apple neverSt0p
      It doesn't matter at all. This applies to OP too.
      Jun 8
    • Intuit bamalam
      “I don’t think you are not a native English speaker either!”

      Read that three times and think about stones and glass houses.

      Besides, if English isn’t his first language, he’s doing well enough to not use double negatives in a sentence.

      That being said, your advice about addressing him directly before speaking with the manager is good.
      Jun 8
    • Google g3doc
      I thought OP's English was pretty good
      Jun 8
  • Uber #muga
    Unfortunately Indian on Indian politics is always the worst
    Jun 8 1
  • Bloomberg YUNOSlayer
    Find out more about his side business, address etc and report him to US immigration authorities 😂
    Jun 8 3
    • Oracle Burnol
      Jun 8
    • Google g3doc
      This is just stooping down to his level
      Jun 8
    • I doubt that would cause him any trouble at all
      Jun 8
  • Nvidia ic4cc
    Million thanks for the support and kind words 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 This is fantastic . I was so frustrated and stressed . You guys made my week . Thanks again for the wonderful support . I told him directly many times on his behavior and said it affects me a lot. I am not a kid and no need to ask status every 2 hours.I also complained to few others in the team . They all agree he is bossy and idiot . Unfortunately I need to deal with him everyday and no way I can avoid him . The only reason to stay was the commute . Just 10 minutes from my house . I was tired of the commute before . Hope it is not worth working in this kinda of environment . Once again thank you for all the support guys 👍🙏
    Jun 8 1
    • Google g3doc
      Good luck
      Jun 8
  • Google g3doc
    Revise this list using the situation behavior impact approach and focus on how it has negatively affected your/the team's productivity the business bottom line. Not sure how it works at Nvidia but consider going to his manager first before HR. Having another offer is best if possible because that gives you much more leverage and option B if things go south. But given how bad some of the things on this list are I think you are in the right. However this depends on political and cultural environment -- I recommend getting some advice from Nvidia coworkers on this
    Jun 8 1
    • Google g3doc
      PS important to emphasize you've tried resolving this with him directly first and/or that you don't feel comfortable communicating these things to him directly
      Jun 8
  • Coinbase hBpg61
    Sounds like a typical narcissist and gas lighter. If you don’t report to him, how is he dumping work on your plate? When an incident happens, you should document it and be specific on the date and context in which it happens. Document how it is affecting your workload, morale, and degrading the productivity of the team. If this person isn’t fulfilling their job description and responsibilities, describe how they are violating boundaries and stepping on team members’ toes, and how they are deviating what is expected of their role. Sorry this is happening to you. Unfortunately, it happens everywhere. It is so important to find good team members who value the team and their company over their personal agenda. All that being said, my experience is that narcissists do not change and most organizations don’t know how to deal with them, and even promote those type of people. I think it is better to leave, unless you have an HR or leadership team that is courageous enough to deal with it head on.
    Jun 8 0
  • Adobe HXxO51
    Your problem is you act like a submissive whereas the other guy is dominant . Either switch roles or accept it. Stop taking opinions from others on what they think about him. It is called gossip. I would just have a 1:1 with him like a formal meeting. If that doesn’t work out, do it with the manager where I would mention that HR is going to be my next step. A manager would freak out and has to take action. In any case, I don’t believe an HR can help. But leverage it only to scare people
    Jun 30 0
  • New TC
    uscis would love finding about his side gig
    Jun 8 0
  • Sounds like whatever HR says you'll still be miserable there. I say if you've got some money saved, gtfo now, your mind will thank you.
    Jun 8 0
  • Oath Atinlay2

    What does it matter if you’re leaving? Just move on
    Jun 8 0
  • LinkedIn troli
    That happens more than you think. Learn from it. My advice. 1. any work you get assigned from him need to go through your manager. Maybe he is not aware of it. Also play dumb and say that you need to get approval from manager etc and that are so many things on your plate and you try your best to advocate for it 2. collect everything. Make a spreadsheet and collect proof, you will lose emails etc over time 3. don’t burn bridges when you go. Thank him for is great support, make it even hilarious. Send all the documentation at the end to hr and his manager.
    Jun 8 0
  • Intersection JVHg41
    I would complain to HR and get him fired
    Jun 8 0
  • Google əๅɓoo⅁
    I think I know this person.
    As your manager knows about the problem, let the manager know you will ignore the guy.
    Then ignore the guy.
    Just make sure to do your part of the job.
    Jun 8 0
  • Expedia unixbeard
    You should have told him once or twice in person and then HR instead of waiting it out, then it maybe would not have come to this point. If I would frequently get emails outside of work hours with next day deadline I simply would not respond at all or say "I am busy right now, l let's talk about it tomorrow".
    Jun 8 0


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