Need help with Amazon leadership principles

Oracle peace.out
Apr 16 12 Comments

I gave Amazon onsite interviews twice for sde2 and got rejected. I'm confident about the white boarding went well because I solved the same questions before and the interviewers were happy with it.
I think I screwed up in leadership principles.

What do Amazon/HM look in the LP answers. Any insights will be helpful

TC 190k


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TOP 12 Comments
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    Amazons leadership principles are a bunch of bullshit....glad I'm out of that stupid cesspool of idiots that believe in that stupid shit
    Apr 16 2
    • Amazon / Eng wwwnull
      Hmm they’ve been doing this for decades and have nearly a trillion dollar market cap. I think you’re mistaken on it being stupid. Seems to work pretty well
      Apr 17
    • LinkedIn jsnewbie
      Continue drinking the Kool aid. There are numerous companies that are equally successful that don't do that stupid shit.
      I'm glad I'm out of that cesspool of a company.
      Apr 17
  • Amazon dhiekshxe
    Most common mistake is using “we” instead of “I” when talking about achivements. Ownership is one of the most important LP here.
    Apr 16 1
    • Oracle peace.out
      Thanks helpful insight
      one of my mistakes I guess.
      Apr 16
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    Invent and simplify = bunch of hacky shit put together with stolen open source projects is A OK
    Apr 16 0
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    Frugality = we're too cheap to spend money on our employees
    Apr 16 0
  • LinkedIn jsnewbie
    Disagree and commit = shut up and do what I say
    Apr 16 0
  • Bayer CauY12
    +1 Metrics
    Apr 16 0
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    Which LPs were you asked about?
    Apr 16 0
  • Intel QuasWExort
    Pray to the Holy Lord Bezos.
    Apr 16 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Don’t cheat
    Apr 16 0


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