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(behalf of a friend)
I'd like to have information of what to expect in my onsite interview and follow up process.

Interview is with a video game company in Toronto and the position is contract based (Software Engineer Test)

I have an onsite scheduled for 3.5 hours - (HR didn't specify the structure of the interview so I don't know what to expect) can someone shed some light please?

Experience: 2 yr FT (+ 2 internships, 4 month each) Delivery Analyst/Data Engineer

Also I'm not sure how contracts work, is there a time bound of the contract?
What happens if I cancel the contract (quit the job) after few months?
Would I have to pay penalty?
Would I get paid based on hourly basis or monthly basis?
How much salary can I expect in Toronto? (Or sister cities - Montreal/Vancouver)

Help would be appreciated!


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    Nobody can answer this without more specific information. Ask HR
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