Need suggestions on diet & workout: Skinny fat

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Hello Blind Community,
I am a skinny fat (25% body fat, BMI 21) and have been working out for past 16 weeks. My workout is weights, 5 days a week and doesn't include cardio. I have a sitting desk job with minimal physical activity.

The problem I am facing is accelerated rise in belly fat which could be result of carbs from all the food I am taking to increase my protein, calories and fibers intake.

Any suggestion how to control that without losing out on my muscle gains? Should I include post workout cardio? .

There aren't many high protein/high calorie food low in carbs for a vegetarian diet. I am definitely avoiding taking high amounts of protein supplements which are low in carbs but can be harmful to liver.

Apparently, I have put on 4 Kg (~8.8 lbs) in last 16 weeks out of which 75% was fat mass(almost everything on belly). Again how to gain muscle mass and lower the fat in my body.

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  • Microsoft ?!?!?!?!
    For fat loss, start with intermittent fasting or one meal a day. It's all about your food. I've lost 70+lbs and have kept it off successfully with extended fasting & low-carb no-sugar diet.

    Just in case it needs to be said, you won't lose muscle by fasting. The human body is smarter than that :)

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    Mar 63
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Hold on. You do lose muscle while fasting. Muscle is easier for the body to breakdown for energy than glycogen stores. Hence they all recommend to be lifting heavy (heavy weights, low sets- hypertrophy is not the aim, aim is to trick the body into thinking that you need muscle for activity) when on a caloric deficit. OP shoukd focus on IF and HIIT trainings to be on a bigger caloric deficit but still eat enough to be able to push weights. So low carb , high protein and high fat diet is recommended.
      Mar 6
    • Microsoft ?!?!?!?!
      Like I said, the body is smarter than that. You might lose a trivial/miniscule amount of muscle but the bulk of weight loss is going to be from burning fat. The whole purpose of excess fat being stored is to be burned for energy later. Try it out and see for yourself
      Mar 6
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Youre contradictions yourself. You said “you wont lose muscle by fasting”, now youre saying “might lose a trivial”. I am just pointing out the actual fact though it may not matter to some people. I tried bro. Went down from 218lbs to 146lbs now. I hve experienced this myself first hand. People migt get wrong impression from your OP that muscle remains same when fasting, sure you can maintain it provode yoi lift. Hence everyone says to do both - IF and lifting- its the best way to lose fat and sculp the physique.
      Mar 6
  • LinkedIn 🎂 = lie
    Sounds like you have a nutrition/diet problem, not a exercise problem. You might want to see a nutritionist. Might be an adverse effect to a certain type of food.
    Mar 60
  • Salesforce nisme81
    What kind of lifts are you doing at what weights and how much are you eating?

    Gotta do the big lifts: squats, deadlifts, bench, press, row. Gotta lift heavy. Progress slowly, but you’ll get there.

    Also go to doctor and make sure you’re not getting diabetic.

    Obviously super simplified here...everyone’s situation is always unique.
    Mar 62
    • OP
      Why the diabetic part?
      Mar 6
    • Salesforce nisme81
      It’s strange that you’re gaining so much fat. This stuff sneaks up on you. Checkups are free so better be safe and know
      Mar 6
  • Salesforce SSCU75
    Just eat fewer processed carbs. See bread? Walk away. See cereal? No sir. See naan/rice? Nope.

    I eat a vegetarian diet (dairy allowed) and I'm at 24 bmi with 12% fat. It's doable for sure. Ignore people going on about "eat lots of protein". You don't need as much as you think. You're not a body builder. I take about a scoop of whey a day, and quinoa+beans for my actual food.

    Re: cardio. I do a fair amount of cardio, but I'm thinking of focusing more on weights, but Imo it's good to do both. But remember to actually work out hard. I see people just chilling at the gym all the time, and while it's better than chilling at home, it's also not very helpful.
    Mar 60
  • Are you pregnant?
    Mar 60
  • Amazon jefe_bezos
    GOMAD + starting strength. Get mass (fat + muscle) during this bulk phase. Do it for a while (6 mos) then do a cut phase.

    Rinse and repeat.
    Mar 60
  • Intel gWTY40
    Keto diet! <20g carbs per day. 70% of your intake should be fat (cheese, whole eggs, paneer, broccoli,and cauliflower, other low carb veggies, nuts, guacamole) You'll lose weight rapidly. Deplete your body of glycogen, produce ketones and burn the fat.
    Mar 60
  • General Motors ch1n
    Mar 60
  • eBay kjopjj
    Eat lots of high protein food but make sure are in a calorie deficit. That way you will be burning fat and not losing muscle.
    If at all you decide to do cardio, HIIT is the only option you need to consider for fat loss.
    Mar 60
  • Tektronix / Sales


    Mar 60
  • Pandora joystick
    You need to cycle cutting and bulking. Old and proven method. Gaining fat is fine as long as you follow up with a period of cutting. You should see increase in muscle mass with your weight lifting as long as you have caloric surplus. Eat enough carbs to satisfy your hunger, no need to overdo it.
    Mar 60
  • Facebook kelsi
    Source for protein supplements being harmful to liver?
    Mar 60
  • Microsoft / Eng


    Adobe, Google
    You need to be in a calorie deficit if you want to prioritize losing fat. You muscle gain may slow down a little bit.
    Mar 60
  • Xilinx beinghumor
    Definitely include some form of cardio like HIIT.
    Lift heavy to maintain muscle mass
    Track your calories (macro split) and measure BF% and body weight every week and adjust your macro ratio accordingly.
    If you don’t want to have whey supplement, try plant based protein powder.
    Drink lots and lots of water.
    Mar 60

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