Need to quickly learn Sketch - to create web app mock-ups

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May 3 7 Comments

What's the quickest way to learn Sketch for someone with no design background? I want to create mock-ups for a side project.

How do I learn the rudimentary basics of design? (the kind explained in the material design docs). For example, number of pixels that a web page margin should be, how to make good bread crumbs, etc.

I tried Fiverr but I'm unable to get good looking designs. Tried with multiple designers charging 50 USD per page.


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  • IBM / Design G҉̨́̕O̶͟͡D
    Honestly just search “intro to sketch” in YouTube and you’re bound to find something that’ll help you with the foundations. Design is a bit more tricky, just copy some crap you see on Dribbble that appeals to you, it’s a bit difficult to learn the small details that make good design over night. Just keep reading design system docs (Material, IBM Design Language, etc) if you really want some insight on what good designers are coming up with. is a good resource.
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  • New / Eng QTdN03
    I was pretty happy with one of the top selling Udemy courses for Sketch, but I don’t remember which one.
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    • Microsoft design fin
      "learn Sketch in 30 minutes?"
      May 3
  • Amazon / Eng

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    Look at good web pages and generally just copy them. Google material design may have decent starting points
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    What web app do you use on a regular basis, where you generally understand how it works already? Take some subset and reimplement it, time-boxed to something like 8 hours. Start over. Do it again in 2 hours. Start over. Do it again in 30 minutes. Your level of detail will likely drop across the iterations, but you will be actively reusing what you have learned and learning how to convey what you want in an efficient manner. Then don't all again with a different feature or app.
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    • Microsoft design fin
      Oh that's an interesting idea. I'll try it out. Thanks
      May 3


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