Negotiating a super early stage startup offer

Autodesk / Data

Autodesk Data

Machine Learning Engineer and aspiring Product Manager
Oct 25 3 Comments

About me:
I am an operation research grad student at Ivy league University. Very Very good in Linear Algebra, Prob Stats, Stochastic, ML and DL( coding + math behind algo).
Decent in Algo coding on leetcode.
I am super interested to work for startups. Interviewing only at under 20-30 member startups.

Startup: Early stage, Palo Alto and Israel based cracking enterprise AI. Very experienced team. Current team size 15. Total funding to date $40-50m.

Position: Data Scientist
It would require solving the business problem of customers using DS/ML. And also help in developing their product. The role seems more on applied ML side.

What should be my target when I jump on call to negotiate my offer?


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Amazon Inshaallah
    Accept no less than 1% share of stock options.
    Oct 26 0
  • Intel / Data G.Thunberg
    That's Palo Alto and ML, aim for much higher. 160 base, 20k joining, 10k relocation, 90k stocks
    Oct 25 0
  • Google AtinIay1
    150k base, 100k stock
    Oct 25 0


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