Negotiating offer from a startup

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I just got an offer from a small startup. They sent me the offer letter (1-2 pages) listing base salary, stock vesting, and other benefits, so I signed and returned it. Then they asked me for my bank, ssn, and tax info for setting up payroll etc and so they could send me my signing bonus etc. My start date is still 3 weeks away. Shall I be concerned that they haven't shared the stock related detailed documentation with me yet? What are things to watch out for, from a pre - series A startup, with a cool new technology? I know nothing about stocks 🤔😟. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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  • New / R&D upi
    Thanks guys. I was just surprised to see no information about the company valuation, strike price, type of shares, accelerated vesting , etc on the offer. The offer just said I'll get x% of stocks, with a 4 year vesting schedule, 1 yr cliff. So I was a little surprised.

    If anyone knows any good book or resources to educate myself on understanding & negotiating on stocks, I would appreciate that. Thanks!
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  • New / Eng QTdN03
    Stock paperwork can take forever at a startup. Assuming the company is not public, the stock isn’t really worth anything anyway, so I wouldn’t worry. If they do go big, make sure you keep your offer letter as evidence that you’re owed a piece.
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  • Google housie
    Make sure they mention the stock details in your offer regarding the numbers and strike price. The actual grant document will take time even after you join.
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