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Hi guys,
What are your tips for phone negotioans for first time with a company you what to work. Assume you have three strongpoint offers from Apple, Facebook and Google. You are negotiating with Microsoft recruiter who is giving you L62 instead of L63.

YoE: US Phd in ML + 2.5 years

The team loved me. Hiring manager took the bar raiser and it went for almost 2.5 hours. It was planned for 1 hour only. Plus he now took me to dinner etc. He asked several practical problems in his stack and was Amazed by my solutions.

I want to leverage my offers and strengths and get a good offer from them. I am looking for 150k base, 140k RSU/4 years, 50k signing bonus and 25k relocations. Is it good for Redmond.

I don’t want to bother hiring manger with many rounds of negotiations and I can’t share all exact details of other offers. How to handle negotiations to the recruiter’s trust and manager’s trust and still be able to get what I want.



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  • Squarespace pNCA76
    Why don’t you feel you can share the other offer details?

    If you want to work there, tell the recruiter what it’s going to take to get the deal done. If you’re not bullshitting him and have other offers at that same amount, tell him that. Don’t play it off like “A offered me X, B offered me 1.05X so I’d sign if you offered me 1.1X” but instead say “I’ll sign for X, I have other offers at X which I’m happy to share. I’d prefer to work at your company but can’t afford to take the pay cut relative to the other offers” and then hold firm.
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    • He said “assume” he has 3 strong offers. In reality he has none.
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  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    That's a good offer.
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  • MathWorks cJ8oNw
    If you can land offers from FB and G, you should be able to get way more TC than that with a PhD in ML and closr to 3 YOE.
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  • Microsoft / Eng bro12
    150/140 is definitely doable for a strong L62. Dunno about signing bonus though. I would negotiate for L63 though because your comp bands will be much higher
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  • New t1xtm
    Padon my ignorance but I thought someone like you could get that TC at Google or Facebook anyway?
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