NetApp PM role

MetLife mspmet
Apr 7 9 Comments

Hello friends

I completed 1(HM) + 5 (directors) + 1 (VP) interviews at NetApp, and now the recruiter is asking for compensation expectation. My questions are -

1. Is it a good sign?
2. What compensation should i ask for Raleigh for ProdM?
3. Netapp is good to join? Im bored with current job.

@vmware @HP @dellemc


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TOP 9 Comments
  • NetApp DST
    According to me NetApp doesn’t have much gas left. Trying to add cloud buzz word to the business. If you don’t have any other opportunities you may consider this role..
    Apr 7 2
    • MetLife mspmet
      This is for Software Defined Storage role. Not sure how good is it.
      What about job security?
      Apr 8
    • NetApp eastereggs
      Due to changing dynamics with storage every year there is lay-offs in the name of transformation.
      Apr 8
  • Commvault / IT farPtr
    they dont pay much.
    Apr 7 0
  • Pivotal / Other AllDaSmoke
    Stay away. They're limping into the cloud world with nothing unique to offer
    Apr 8 2
    • MetLife mspmet
      My current job sucks... should i consider in that case?
      Apr 11
    • Pivotal / Other AllDaSmoke
      Sure, just make sure you make sure they don't have the same qualities you're running away from.
      Apr 12
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Current TC/YOE or GTFO...
    Apr 7 1
    • MetLife mspmet
      110k 7yrs
      Apr 7


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