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Just an another engineer. Hoping to find a few friends here :)
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I have an on-site coming up with Netflix for Cloud gateway team for a Senior software engineer position in the backend. I did the technical phone round and home assignment and the feedback was positive for both of them.

The team is responsible for building Zuul gateway and handling all traffic to Netflix.

I pretty much liked the discussions that I have had with the hiring manager so far, and the team along with the project focussing on building scalable systems.

I was told that I would have 2 parts of interviews - 1st part with 3 members focussing on technical and 2nd part focussing on culture and collaboration.

Please let me know what should I focus on my preparation for the interview.

Thank you in advance!


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  • Netflix bloodline
    Your post was very specific for blind I guess 😅

    I’d say that you need to be ready to give real examples of your experience and skills and how the align with netflix culture. Definitely read the culture memo and try to translate into your experience so you can share during your interviews

    One important thing imo is that if you don’t think you like the culture at all, don’t even try to fit. I’ve seen people being let go because they lie during the culture/collaboration interviews and get hired but then they realized the culture is true and doesn’t work out for them. Also you can find people here on blind whining about the culture but in reality they just didn’t care about not being a fit before joining

    Also, the interview might be progressive. Usually the culture part is with people from talent and a director/vp related to the team.

    Feedback from interviewers is delivered as soon as they leave the room. So, if you don’t do well in the technical part, most likely you will be walked out and you won’t continue with the culture/collaboration side.

    Finishing the whole panel isn’t a guarantee to get an offer btw

    If you enjoyed the technical discussions and the team did it, too. You should be fine on the technical part, so definitely spend some time in the culture side of things
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  • Netflix UuOE03
    Be honest about what you know and don’t know. It’s easy to spot when someone is speaking from experience vs something they read prior to the interview.

    Double down on the areas that you are particularly strong. If you get an opening to go deep in that area, show off there. You may be lucky and the team may need that particular skill set and are willing to oversee some weak areas.
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  • Netflix aWGe33
    Second making sure you're committed to the culture. Other than that, relax and have fun talking about things you're passionate about.
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  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Just an another engineer. Hoping to find a few friends here :)
    Thanks a lot to all of you for your replies!
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