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Bloomberg EVALSlayer
May 7 10 Comments

I love microservices and I’m drawn to the Netflix culture after working with coasters for way too long. If it doesn’t work out and they let me go, I’m so fine with that, so no need to reiterate that over and over in every thread. I want to be where I’m valued and anyway, if you speak leetcodish well, there’s nothing to fear, right? Please aware me with respect to the following:

1) How many interview rounds are there? A breakdown would be very helpful if you have the patience...
2) Is the expectation that I will code in Java during the technical interview?
3) Can I interview in the NYC office for a position elsewhere?
4) Empirically, does applying without a referral lower chances?



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  • Facebook prospector
    Coasting culture needs to get more appreciation IMHO.
    May 7 2
    • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
      I’m sure it is appreciated, those people are just likely to post on social media about it.
      May 7
    • Bloomberg EVALSlayer
      I’m sure people appreciate it, but it comes at a price and that price is company-wide low TC.
      May 7
  • Facebook / Eng Wunu51
    My experience as a UI eng candidate at Los Gatos office
    1) a couple phone screens with recruiters and your future manager + 2-day onsite
    2) depends on skills shown on the job page
    3) no idea. U gotta apply for a particular team and position
    4) I applied online without referral and got contacted the next day

    I'd say leetcode for Netflix is pretty irrelevant. They look for more hands on problem solving skills. Also hiring and interview questions/format depend on team/manager
    May 7 4
    • Honeywell that1guy
      Did they replace leetcode questions with anything else? Besides culture questions and system design.
      May 7
    • First time I ever heard about 2days on-site, whole days? Ouch.
      May 7
    • Honeywell that1guy
      It’s a two part interview. 4.5 more technical with engineers. If and only if you get a decent pass from this interview do you go back for an additional 2 hours with the director level for culture fit interview. Some interviews are all in one day.
      May 7
    • Facebook / Eng Wunu51
      ^ right. Each of 2 days is about 3-4 hours. They said it’s set up not to stress the candidate too much so as to bring the best out of them.

      For lc, they rather ask real world technical problems. One of them i got was sth they worked on internally
      May 7
  • Netflix / Product Thats_It
    1) varies by manager, role, etc. there is no set number that is universal.

    2) maybe. Maybe not. Depends on hiring manager, the role and what their individual approach is.

    3) you will have phone/video interviews initially but if you should get past the initial screeners, you would be flown into the appropriate office to interview in person.

    4) a referral does not guarantee anything. I was hired with no referral. I’ve hired many people and most did not come with referral. The best chance you have is to be exceptional in your field, have exceptional communication skills and not just speak to but actually embody the culture.
    May 7 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    If you're in distributed systems, expect a lot of system design questions. They will dig deeper into some projects you mentioned in your resume to assess your depth. Or they'll give you some problems they are dealing internally and see how you would take a shot at it. There may be a few leetcode type questions but they're at most LC medium.
    May 7 0


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