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Carvana sr.verlis
Nov 5 3 Comments

I have had two positive interactions with Netflix as an engineering candidate. Both interview loops ended with positive feedback from the HM, but both were a no hire.

Since then, I have had a handful of HMs viewing my LinkedIn profile. Does Netflix put rejected candidates on a “watch list”, or is this post-selection bias? (no pun intended)

tc: $170
yoe: 7


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  • Netflix aWGe33
    I don't think there's a watchlist. Every org is different; so maybe someone does have one. But extremely doubtful. Might be that you're popping up on LinkedIn because of interactions with Netflix employee profiles.
    Nov 6 0
  • Netflix


    Google, Amazon
    Depends on the Org. Most nice managers try to find another potential fit within their own org or a partner org
    Nov 5 0
  • Google hHlD75
    Some teams have watch/wish lists, and if you weren't hired but the interview went well, they're probably just waiting for their HR partner to get fired so they can justify it.
    Nov 7 0


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