Netflix analytics engineer

Uber john_list
Jul 13 5 Comments

Interested in what this role does? TC? How hard is the interview? Is it closest to a data analyst, data engineer, or data scientist?

Job description sounds closer to a data analyst than anything else. Main focus is solving business problems, and they list “light scripting in python” in the nice to have section rather than an expected skill.

Searched blind but haven’t found much, older threads give comp ranges that seem way too high (300k+). H1B1 database shows people making around 150k but all are 1-2 years back.


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  • Charter / Data

    Charter Data

    Man I bet Netflix has some awesome data to work with
    Jul 16 0
  • Netflix NFLXDE
    It's more like a data analyst position. Tableau/MSTR writing SQL, probably some light DE work and light scripting. Lots of interfacing with business stakeholders. And TC could be 300+.
    Jul 26 2
    • Uber john_list
      Thanks. Do you have any knowledge on interview difficulty? Do you guys actually hire people who are data analysts at other companies for these roles? It looks like a lot of people with 8+ years experience, PHD’s in stats etc in LinkedIn
      Jul 27
    • Netflix NFLXDE
      If you are good and have experience, you don't need a PhD. Former job title doesn't mean anything really.
      Jul 27
  • Google


    It's really competitive
    Aug 30 0