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Oracle BrkBad
May 1, 2018 12 Comments

Hi Folks,

I need some advise on numbers or what I can expect for my level of experience at Netflix.

I am being offered a senior software engineer in Test role at Netflix, HR wants me to come up with my expectations on salary and take it from there and see how it goes with their numbers. Basically HR expects me to roll the ball first comp. This is my first job change in bay, I moved to Oracle from east coast so no experience negotiating here.

How should I proceed here? What can I expect from Senior Software Eng in Test role for someone with 6plus yrs of experience in US and 2 yrs abroad.

My Goal: I wanted to get what Netflix Engineers make for that level of experience, I do not want to low ball myself or quote higher since I am going to roll the conversation first. Any other advice will also be really helpful

PS : I do not have a competing offer at this point of time time though I expect one in few days, also currently I am not actively interviewing anywhere else since I was very single minded with Netflix and I like the team and work there.

I don’t think Glassdoor or other pay scale websites will help me, They are suffering from poor data models. So I bank on some of your inputs here. Thank you


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Twilio yogaqueen
    You can ask them their pay bands for this position (it is cash only) and go from there. They are legally required to tell you in California.

    Netflix pays top dollar. Don't play any other game.
    May 1, 20180
  • You are going to be rich!!! As someone suggested, or is your friend!!
    May 1, 20180
  • BCG XETo72
    Use to get accurate cash comp information on your exact title - that would give you more leverage.
    May 1, 20181
    • Facebook SenatorAds
      Not accurate at all in my opinion.
      May 1, 2018
  • Apple rndEuler
    400k is average in Netflix
    May 1, 20180
  • Apple jvSQ82
    Don’t give numbers. Let me come with numbers. If you want to give number give something high you can take it in a heart beat. I would say $400
    May 1, 20180
  • Netflix WhatWhat?
    My recommend… Add 10 to 15% to what you are currently making… If it is less than what the position pays, Netflix will pay you more.

    Specifically, as a hiring manager people would give me their expectations and I found that to be lower than what I wanted to pay for that role. So I would pay them what I felt the role is worth which was more than what they were expecting.
    May 1, 20180
  • Nvidia / EngniNO
    What compensation to expect for 4.5 years experience?
    May 10, 20180
  • VMware DzpI21
    OP, what was your final offer?
    Oct 22, 20180
  • Netflix Atomicrobo
    As with the other Netflix hiring manager above, I recommend adding approx 15% from your current salary and go from there.

    You will not be low-balled. Should you feel like you get an offer that is below what your experience indicates and data can support, you need to share that when you negotiate the offer.

    Just be transparent and honest.
    Aug 30, 20180
  • Oath elSX23
    How was the technical phone interview and on-site interview for this role? What were the questions asked during the onsite?
    Aug 30, 20180
  • Oracle BrkBad
    Thanks for all your responses , Will be helpful
    May 1, 20180

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