Netflix folks, were you ever 'sunshined'?

Pure Storage lJKi55
Aug 21 8 Comments

...if yes, how did it go? Did you see anyone leave after the 'sunshining' incident?

For those wondering what I am taking about:


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  • New / R&D LangeSohne
    Sounds kinda like Bridgewater. That wasn't my impression with I interviewed with them, but that was a few years ago.
    Aug 21 1
    • F5 Networks RRA
      Definitely sounds very Dalio-ish.
      Aug 21
  • Netflix / Eng OA3
    I have been in Netflix for a long time and I have never heard of sunshining. Not in eng at least. The main theme is always freedom and responsibility. You make decisions and you are responsible for your decisions.
    Aug 22 0
  • American Express vista133
    After reading the article, I'd love to work there! Not for the high TC but for being surrounded by motivated people who keep moving and making decisions because they know their role is in the line if they choose complacency...I can't find the path to interview...
    Aug 21 2
    • Netflix KheP11
      Sounds good until you get screwed up by mangers playing their game of thrones. High performers are easily let go if they don’t play this political game ...
      Aug 22
    • American Express vista133
      Same politics is officially admitted. They call that "sponsor", if you dont have one you can't get promoted
      Aug 22
  • Pure Storage lJKi55
    Thanks for the replies so far...I wonder actual stories havent been posted yet coz that will lead to getting IDd easily? If yes, how do we provide enough obfuscation?
    Aug 22 0
  • VMware doof_s
    Sounds like an awful stressful environment to work in
    Aug 21 0


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