Netflix misses on revenue

Workday Toldya
Jan 17 13 Comments


This company is hilarious.


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  • New / Eng i i i
    Time will tell if cable companies are capable to properly replicate netflix streaming technology and business model. If cable fucks up, netflix will continue rising and their earnings improve.
    Jan 17 8
    • New / Eng i i i
      Amazon is lacking in quality content.
      Jan 17
    • Workday Toldya
      IMDB includes many great classics for free like Heroes, The Bachelor, Foxcatcher, The Last Samurai, and more. Many of the titles are not on Netflix and other services, making it a great addition to your current entertainment options.
      Jan 17
    • New / Eng jbnote
      "Classic" "The Bachelor". My mind...
      Jan 17
    • Tableau krxi15
      But amazon owns imdb. So why create a new streaming service if they already have one.
      Jan 17
    • Microsoft lalalond
      Not much to watch in imdb freedive. You need PC to watch it. It feels like they are living in pre mobile world.
      Jan 17
  • New ktFx33
    Netflix is like a pro sports team..........
    Jan 17 0
  • Cisco ChuckRobbi
    As long as they keep making good content, they are gold. But yes, the space is crowded now and there are far too many good alternatives to Netflix
    Jan 17 1
    • New / Eng i i i
      Cable consolidates, buys their way into monopoly and are about to pull content from netflix.
      Jan 17
  • realDTrump
    Jan 17 0