Netflix vs Cruise

SAP johndoe
Jun 5 11 Comments

Considering an offer from Cruise , 7yoe, mostly full-stack JS dev.
Also have an upcoming interview at Netflix for a similar role (JS / node.js dev), but wondering if it's still worth pursuing since it'll stretch my decision with Cruise far out. Relevant info for Netflix: I'm on H1B, always top performer at prior companies. Commute distance is similar for both.

How would you choose and why?

Thoughts from folks at either company appreciated :)



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TOP 11 Comments
  • zyz
    Netflix would be liquid and more money if you get it, so probably a better option.
    Jun 5 0
  • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
    Easily Netflix.
    Jun 5 0
  • New / Eng JexD77
    Keep in mind firing practice at Netflix, probably not something you want to be subject of during your visa stay.
    Jun 5 3
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Can you elaborate please on the firing practice? I am curious. Feel free to DM me if you prefer.
      Jun 5
    • New / Eng JexD77
      It’s all here
      Also check Netflix related posts here, on Blind.
      Jun 5
    • Netflix Jskfbzkan
      I definitely do not recommend coming here on visa. Seen folks get fired and it puts them in a very stressful inhumane position.
      Jun 5
  • Apple o rly owl
    I’ve heard Cruise is a shitshow internally, so I’d recommend asking around
    Jun 5 0
  • Cruise Automation zaNf64
    Congratz, would you mind break down % of rsu, base, and bonus of total comp?
    Jun 5 1
    • Facebook dhjdnxnsms
      Please share yours. There’re very few data points on blind.
      Jun 5
  • Netflix Nqac32
    Netflix is great, but I'd talk to Cruise about it to make sure you don't lose the opportunity. A bird in the hand and all. Also, let the Netflix rep know that you've got an offer and would like to expedite the process. They're usually able to be flexible.
    Jun 5 1
    • Netflix wfuB42
      +1 on expediting the process. You should be able to get a round waived to come straight on site depending how good a match is to your profile.
      Jun 5


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