New Electric Mercedes S-class model

Cisco NnMk28
Sep 11 7 Comments


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  • SERES aIyO25
    And oh it just costs a 150k lol... get a Tesla/Bolt instead
    Sep 11 4
    • Facebook Grungypk
      Thanks man. I think OP is a different customer segment than yourself.
      Sep 11
    • LinkedIn / Eng phatman
      It's a s class it's an apples to oranges comparison
      Sep 11
    • Google Ben Dover.
      Tesla falls in the luxury segment only because of its stupid high price. When you have to compare on luxury alone, the S class destroys a Tesla. And it’s worth the price.
      Sep 12
    • Samsung


      Stressed out but surviving
      No offense but the S class if all electric is a way better luxury car than the S. The S doesn’t even come close. The S is more of a tech driven first vehicle.
      Sep 12
  • Adobe tendaloin
    I think it doesn’t exist, so what is there to compare? Mercedes hasn’t shipped anything notable in the BEV segment. Germans need to get their shit together, their new models don’t even come close to the efficiency of a 10yr old Tesla. I think we already hit peak German engineering—they are now playing catch up to America and China.
    Sep 27 0
  • NIO oaKK87
    Sep 12 0


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