New Grad Referral for Self Driving Companies

PayPal Coddy
Nov 10 5 Comments

I want to start my career in Self-Driving domain. I feel it's red hot now and has huge scope in future and also engineering challenges look amazing.
Can anyone refer me to Lyft, Cruise, ArgoAI, Waymo, Aurora, Zoox and Uber ATG for New Grad Software Engineer 2020 roles ?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google googa
    You are 3 years too late to catch the hotness
    Nov 11 0
  • Uber rTjq20
    Too late for jumping on the gravy self-driving car.
    Nov 13 1
    • Salesforce peaceguy
      What's the current hot one to jump ?
      I feel ML hype seem to be losing steam as ML employees discover the work as garbage, really not learning anything
      Nov 26
  • Aurora xf98
    The recruiters at Aurora definitely go through by hand all the resumes put in on the website. They’re interviewing for new grads right now. Put in an application and give it a shot!
    Nov 10 1
    • PayPal Coddy
      I will definitely apply but is it possible for you to refer ? I feel applying online makes an application less noticable while referral can get you noticed!
      Nov 13


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