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Feb 3 7 Comments

I recently completed all my interviews at yahoo small business group (part of Verizon). I recently graduated and wanted to know how much I can ask for a salary so that I don’t get low balled. Any ideas on how much I can ask ? (base | stock | joining bonus)


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  • Yahoo jRucWj
    Don’t “ask” for anything. For new grads, there’s a standard offer. Your recruiter will offer you that standard package. If you have competing offers, you can negotiate from there. But especially for new grads, they’re not going to need an initial number from you.
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  • Tesla ffokcuf
    Don’t give them any numbers. They must have some range and tell you. After you can negotiate.
    Check and for salaries. Good luck
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    • Microsoft goattit
      Those salaries are all over the place ... Over 60k difference for the same low tier level role on the same city? Yeah, right
      Feb 3
  • Splunk blindsp
    Look up the median wage for your area. Make sure you don't guess under that!
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  • Curious to know what offer did you get finally? I am a new grad with an interview call with yahoo small business...
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  • OP
    Thanks for your suggestions everybody. But I want to know atleast how much I can ask for. I don’t want to ask for 5k joining bonus if they are can offer 20k for everyone. I just want to know what’s the safest I can settle for
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  • Capital One EXwk33
    My guess is you have very little room to negotiate. Most companies try and make sure their first years have the same comp. It's easier to negotiate once you have more experience
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