New Grad on H4 EAD

Telenav hXkY82
Nov 14 6 Comments

A company verbally told me that they would like to extend an offer as a New Grad starting may 2020 . Then they sent a survey form asking for visa status and expiry. My EAD expires July 2020 but i can file extension in Jan 2020 and not now . Does the company change their mind regarding the offer since the EAD shows July 2020 as expiry date.

I cant get on to F1 now .


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Snapchat snappity
    It’s illegal to discriminate based on your EAD end date.
    Nov 14 3
    • Telenav hXkY82
      But they have not given offer yet . They can reject for any other reason and chose not to disclose the reason right.
      Nov 14
    • New / Manufacturing Medtronic
      Thats true but its a fact of life. No company is gonna hire someone on STEM who has only one chance left
      Nov 14
    • Hubspot icedout
      The extension is for 2 years, which means he/she has two chances left, right?
      Nov 15
  • Teradata rockerArm8
    Just say/write you don't need sponsorship, leave visa fields blank
    Nov 14 1
    • Telenav hXkY82
      But they asked to fill a survey form in which we need to put visa and expiry date as well , even after mentioning about no need of sponsor ship
      Nov 14


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