New college grad hiring cycle vs. team needs

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For companies where each team is responsible for their own hiring, how do you accommodate the 3-12 month delay between meeting new college grads at a career fair and their start dates? Are there separate targets and/or a different recruiting processes?

We hire primarily new grads from college career fairs with targets in each discipline for the entire academic year, through a centralized recruiting process, and then assign candidates to specific teams later on (after they have accepted). As a recruiting lead, one of the biggest complaints I hear about our process is that candidates don’t know what team they will be working for, and on the flip side, as a software lead, I’m a big believer in finding the right fit for a specific team, but I’ve gotten a lot of push back that it doesn’t fit the new college grad hiring cycle.


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    Companies want a simple scalable process. And you want a win-win situation that requires extra training, skills, common sense, and so on. Not to mention it must account for all the variables and factors that will inevitably happen in 3-12 months period.
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