New grad analyst roles in Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area

MathWorks I_dont_
May 29 3 Comments

I recently moved to Redmond and my wife is looking for opportunities here at Seattle . She recently graduated from Massachusetts with MS in MIS degree . She is not getting calls from any Seattle/Bellevue based companies . We do not know if we shud start looking for consultancies . If yes what consultancy in this area are decent and do not fake resume.


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  • Mis degree is a bit useless.
    May 29 1
    • Amazon qwertyup
      even MS? are you a manager or ic?
      May 29
  • Expedia kjijkjijkj
    Slalom Consulting is great, Protiviti is also great from what I've heard. Both very much care about their people.

    From my own experience moving here without a job, it is extremely difficult to crack through the networking if you don't have a highly desirable degree and skillset. I got very lucky and got contract work converted into FTE and have gotten very lucky to not have had to move from that company since. Many other people I know had to take a remote job somewhere else to start and swallow the COL difference in their salary. Others go back to school for tech.

    The important thing is for her to establish herself as a local with some kind of job. I imagine a lot of her resume ghosting is due to the fact that all her work experience is out of state. Many companies don't want to deal with relo and filter on that automatically.
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