New grad hiring

PayPal EIR
May 23 7 Comments

How do new grads find jobs these days ?

I used Linkedin, angellist, indeed, hired and also applied on company websites to find jobs 5 years back.

It was still very difficult to land in spite of using the above platforms.

Are there any better/interesting sites ?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Apple / Eng xUEdsjT
    Why wouldn't it be difficult? New grad is the most saturated.
    May 23 3
    • PayPal EIR
      At the end of the day they still find a job but with a lot of hustle.

      I am trying to figure out if there’s a solution already that alleviates the pain for new grads.

      If not, I am trying to build a solution.
      May 23
    • Apple / Eng xUEdsjT
      If you're trying to help new grads get hired focus on interview/resume prep. Look at all the sites popping up claiming to do that.
      If you're trying to help recruiters make better decisions that's a whole different story.
      Also possibly could make a "referral network" of sorts. You pay some fee, maybe $15-100 for a referral to certain companies. It will eventually diminish the value of referrals but until then new grads will have their pain alleviated.
      May 23
    • New / Eng h7j8
      Lmao I don't think any company is going to be happy about employees selling referrals. I also can't imagine anyone risking their job for $20
      May 24
  • Google Kirino
    why not use alumni network?
    May 23 1
    • PayPal EIR
      Yes, that’s another way.

      Although, It’s not for me. I am just curious if there’s any hiring marketplace exclusively for new grads.
      May 23
  • ConocoPhillips blechh
    University career fair or internship conversion. Most people I graduated with found jobs this way.
    May 23 0


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