New grad needing advice on salary to offer during salary negotiations and figuring out what I'm worth

Pitney Bowes / Eng

Pitney BowesEng

College student
Apr 21

I had an interview with a company and was told at the end of the interview I will be getting an offer. We have a phone call on Monday "to discuss next steps". Salary will likely come up. I'll list some context that may be relevant to salary, and then and list some questions about salary discussions

Relevant info that can affect salary:

* I am a college senior graduating in a month from a state university. I double majored in computer science and applied math. I have one internship

* the company is a very large Healthcare company that runs many hospitals

* I got the interview by winning first place in a kaggle-like competition they held where I created a machine learning model to predict something in a dataset they provided

* I have no other offers, and have time pressure since I graduate in a month. I am waiting to hear back from a web dev company, and will likely get an offer, but do not want to take it. I have a phone screen with a tech startup on Monday. I recently had an onsite at Google, but was rejected, but I think I was close

* the company is in the NYC area. (You can probably piece together the company name given info in this post, but don't say it)

* They seem very interested. I have many side projects and hackathon wins, so they asked me to make a presentation on my side projects, which they were impressed by. In the end, he was really selling the job hard to me. He said "I know you're going to get other offers, and want to address and concerns you have about working here"

* The job is working on the innovation team creating new products. They also mentioned they want me to come up with ideas and projects for them. (I have some health related, hackathon winning projects they were impressed by)

Given how interested they are, I feel like I have a significant amount of negotiation leverage. However, looking in glass door, though I can't find software engineer salaries, salaries for other roles are a lot lower than I would imagine. If I were to estimate a salary that I think is fair and would be happy with, I would say 100k.


* Is this too high of a salary to consider fair?

* if they ask what I'm expecting, how should I respond?

* if I absolutely have to state a number, what should I say? I'm thinking 110k, but I'm scared that's too high and will scare them off. Thoughts?


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