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Google pixy
Feb 13 14 Comments

Posting for a friend who is still in college and doesn't have a blind account. He has 3 offers (completing masters from a decent college, 0 YoE outside of internships). All Bay area offers for SWE

LinkedIn: 145K base, 35K sign on, 200K RSU. SWE title.

Google (Waymo): 150K base, 50K sign on, 180K RSU. L3

Facebook: 145K base, 50K sign on, 180K RSU. L3

Are these in line with prevailing new grad offers? He is leaning towards Google, will try some negotiation but is willing to take it at current offer too.


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  • Facebook zomb
    Facebook doesn't pay $145k base at L3. This is BS.
    Feb 13 1
    • Facebook


      IBM, Google
      Bachelors & Masters in CS
      Oct 12
  • Google nlxS44
    Base is much higher than normal even considering MS. Normal new grad base for BS is 115-120k but with ~100k stock. These aren’t already negotiated?
    Feb 13 2
    • Lyft / Eng vozf70
      These numbers are totally possible depending on the field in which he got his masters. I had very similar offers(some higher , some a bit lower)
      Feb 13
    • Google pixy
      No these are first offers AFAIK, but each of the companies knew he was expecting offers from the other 2 when they gave their first numbers.
      Feb 13
  • Booz Allen Hamilton ukrW70
    These are pretty high and comparable
    Feb 13 0
  • Google OlkW67
    Is it Google or Waymo? They are different and the decision would be different.
    Feb 16 2
    • Google pixy
      Waymo. RSUs will be Waymo units instead of GSU
      Feb 16
    • Google OlkW67
      Sounds very good
      Feb 16
  • Facebook ariel1134
    The FB offer seems to be more an L4 offer than L3 (unless things have changed drastically in the last two years). Either way it's very competitive for sure
    Feb 14 0
  • New ycy
    What’s the position? Def higher than a standard SWE package, which is about 130k, 100k, 15%, 20k
    Feb 13 0
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    • Google YAPTRF
      Bullshit. On high end for Google l3. Don't forget he didn't include yearly bonus. Just look at go/paycomparison
      Feb 13
  • New nGAs07
    What is there to think about. Google is the clear winner.
    Feb 14 0
  • Google pixy
    Great, thanks. Sounds like they are competitive offers then. Will let him know, this should be helpful information for him.
    Feb 13 0


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