New job as PM: How to reset your attitude and set yourself for success?

New mohi13
Jan 13 11 Comments

After 10 years of dev, joining Walmart Labs as a Sr PM, I guess new jobs are a great opportunity to wipe the slates clean and start afresh. Would love to hear your advice on how to set oneself for success in new jobs, what books/blogs etc to read.

Personally, weakness is (don't know how to fix :( ):
> A little impulsive.
> Get a bit defensive while handling criticism. A bit of ego?


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  • Microsoft Sup007
    Tell yourself to let it go. Become a better listener. Don’t let ego or anger come in between. Respect everyone. All the best.
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  • Cisco spdfd50
    Read the First 90 days book; understand that you will make more co-workers help you when you listen more than you offer suggestions in that time period. Being impulsive could be a trigger - whether it is to impress or just show that you care and have answers to issues. Count to 5 or 10 whenever you have the urge to say something. See if that helps to contain. If not, write a bullet down on paper instead of talking.

    When fortunate enough to get critic, understand that most people are trying to help. Again, be patient and listen. A fully thought through response tomorrow is always better than a half-ass, smarty-pants remark today.

    Don’t beat yourself up but always know that there’s a ton to learn and hundreds, if not thousands, are better than you. Be humble, know your shit and kick ass. Life’s too short... make more friends than enemies.
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    • New mohi13
      Thanks a ton..this is something super helpful..will create a phone screen saver with:

      LISTEN. Count to 10 before you speak. Don't offer unasked suggestions. Learn from people.

      Thanks again.
      Jan 14
  • Uber upptip
    at places with not-so-stellar product management culture, junior PMs usually become glorified project managers.

    make sure that you spend most of your time understanding the market, pain points of your customers and the business opportunities. and spend the rest of your time on telling a coherent and engaging story about tackling them. don’t become a jira bellboy.

    bad news is that you will need a ton of mentorship for this. so, find the best PMs in your company and don’t be shy.
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  • Facebook pndubs
    Shift your mindset to doing what’s best for the product / customer, not what’s best for you. Criticism is irrelevant then, because it’s about sourcing the best decisions, even if they’re not from you.
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  • Microsoft Sup007
    Always work backwards from the customer and represent customer at all times. When there is a conflict, go back to the customer.
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    • Microsoft / Eng

      Microsoft Eng

      Troll living under the I-5 overpass
      “Always work backwards from the customer”

      Are you by any chance in Windows Update team?
      Jan 13
    • Microsoft Sup007
      No, why?
      Jan 14
  • Microsoft y83j
    First step is acknowledgment which you’ve already done, congrats
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  • Amazon / Other

    Amazon Other

    Amazon, Microsoft
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  • Microsoft / Mgmt holly shit
    Rest and vest!
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