Next Monday layoff rumors at AT&T

Jan 24 5 Comments


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Amazon Proud_Dem
    Jan 240
  • Procore bobsburge
    Business are set up to make money. Period. They only do things like care about their employees if it makes business sense and if it’s tough to get talent. That why I couldn’t care less about my company. I only stay as long as I am getting what I need. If not, I’m outtie. Yes I said outtie, shout out to Clueless. Awesome movie.
    Jan 240
  • AT&T Nuim27
    The company currently has a 1B budget gap. This round will close that gap. Good luck Monday everyone.
    Jan 250
  • New aLuu55
    Those tax cuts and net neutrality sure are creating sooo many jobs like AT&T and Trump supporters kept telling people, huh...? 🤦‍♂️
    Jan 240
  • Turner six ligma
    Good thing Turner is still firewalled 😅
    Jan 240

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